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Morning Time Plans: January 2007

After vacations and holidays we are finally back in the swing of having our regular Morning Time. I am going to try to be a little more detailed in this post than usual because I am getting new readers lately and homeschooling moms are getting to be so young I can hardly imagine it. I will give you the plans we completed this week along with next weeks plans.

January 2007

Artist: John Constable. Ambleside Online is doing Turner but frankly I like Constable better. Also you will find his name sprinkled about in English murder mysteries. I am terribly excited about this term's artist. I am ready to sell my house and begin my walking tour of the British Isles.


Carnaval can be downloaded free here and Scenes from Childhood for Piano here. These wonderful, free resources came through on the Ambleside Online email list which I rarely have time to read but consider a source of unending goodies.

Folk Song:
Minstrel Boy which the boys are enjoying far more than An English Country Garden (my favorite) or Scarborough Fair. I bought the Homestead Picker's CD years ago. It greatly simplifies this subject.

: We will be reading Henry VIII this term if we ever finish our current Plutarch reading. I think we all enjoyed Richard III and his name has become a new byword in our house which according to Josephine Tey he doesn't deserve.

Antony. This is a long life and it is taking us a long time. I find I can only read 2 pages of Plutarch at a time. The good thing about Antony is that his life is very familiar to all of the children so they get more out of it.

Bible Time:
Read-alouds: The Book of Life Vol 3: The Life of David.
Bitesize Theology a book recommended by Janet.

Passage to memorize: last week we worked on Psalm 100 and this week we will work on Eph 6:10-18. I have been plowing through new passages with my younger children but I finally had to realize I needed to start all over with this group as if they never learned our review passages because they never had. I really struggled with making this decision but I have conceded the point for all our of memory work.

Review: Psalm 100, Psalm 104, Psalm 100, Phil 4:4-8, Psalm 121.

Hymns: Gloria Patri last week. A Mighy Fortress this week.
Review: Psalm 148, Beneath the Blood-stained Lintel, Navy Hymn( Eternal Father Strong to Save), Great is the Lord our God.

Andrew & Alex :Who Has Seen the Wind by Rosseti Emily: The Creation by Cecil Francis Alexander Benjamin: The Charge of the Light Brigade. Colloquy with everyone: The Ballad of the White Horse by Chesterton.

Misc. Memory: The Declaration of Independence. Read aloud: Civics lesson. I go over a couple of these questions each MT.

Preamble, Comtemplate by Sam Adams, West Point Cadet's Creed, Bill of Rights.

Read Alouds:

English Literature for Boys and Girls. We are on the Shakespeare chapters. Wonderful.
The Story of the Middle Ages : Almost finished.
The Princess and Curdie

Ambleside Time with Alex and Andrew:

Viking Tales
My Book House: In the Nursery and My Storytime

1 Petersham book. This week The Story Book of Oil.
Little Pilgrim's Progress
Dinosaur book by ICR Since we returned from our break I can't find this book but I will! At Ambleside Time Alex and Andrew sit on the couch with me and our stack of books. They take turns picking out books and then narrating. This is usually the last thing on my to-do list everyday which means many days it gets skipped which is a shame since Alex benefits greatly from it.

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