Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Grains of Sand

One of the reasons I do our Morning Time is so that I can fit things in that may get lost in the shuffle. Really I don't have this system in place to make my life harder but to make it infinitely easier. Over the years I have found ways to make it easier and easier. I am sharing those things on my blog but I wouldn't want you to misunderstand why I do them.

One of our earliest memorized poems was :

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the beauteous land.

Can you guess how often some one in our home says, "Little drops of water....?"
Almost daily. It has even shown up in timed SAT essays.
That is the sort of sentiment that applies to everything I do as a mother.
One of the reasons I love blogging is that my whole life comes in little pats of time. I can write a blog post while waiting for the children to clean-up or finish a test etc. I can read a blog post while my Latin scholars get out their books.

My Morning Time is a way to collect little grains of sand. It should not be a way to complicate life but a way to simplify it.

My parents gave me the gift of personal daily Bible reading. That is probably the most valuable gift I could have ever received from them. As a mother, you will find me on an occasional Saturday morning studying Matthew Henry or reading Keith Mathison, but my true spiritual reserve comes from a lifetime of daily Bible reading, not complicated Bible study.

If you have something that you want your children to assimilate like poetry or scripture or music or Shakespeare, forget the grand schemes, forget what the Konos mom is doing down the street, start giving that thing one or two minutes of your time daily and watch the years roll by.

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