Friday, September 19, 2008

The Composite Homeschool Mom

Every time I write a Morning Time post I get lots of email and many questions. I don't mind that at all but behind those emails is usually the assumption that I am someone who is doing it ALL. This post isn't so much a disclaimer about myself as it is a disclaimer that anyone is doing it ALL.

I have met enough homeschool super-moms to know that no one is doing it all. So many times when we are reading about other families, our imaginations make up all sorts of details that don't belong in the real picture. I have said this before but we imagine someone having all their own priorities which we read about and all of our own priorities. It takes a little bit of discipline when reading through blogs not to panic. Calm down everyone. I promise no one is doing it all and if she is she is not a fun person to be around. And I have seen those types too. They get more done than the rest of us but they leave a trail of destruction.

The very first year I started homeschooling I implemented Morning Time accidentally. It was just an organic development from my reading of Charlotte Mason. That is why it has such a goofy name. It just developed into that. Later as I continued to read homeschooling books and more and more choices loomed at the curriculum fair, I tried to DO what other people were doing but I could never find time to do what other people were suggesting and what I was already doing. Hence over and over again I had to make a decision: Drop MT or drop the other thing? I consistently chose to drop the other things. Over the years I have added things to our MT that fit naturally into the picture and that has made our time more productive. I learned to make things easier and run smoother. In the end I erred on the side of what worked for us and now I have my grown boys telling me that MT is what was best about their education. They always encourage me to faithfully continue with the little ones.

All this is one reason I enjoyed the Circe conference so much. It was an affirmation that I had made the right choice and it didn't require me to add to what I was already doing.

If you are a driven mom who is pushing her children so that they are ragged and worn out please don't add what I am doing to your already full day. If you see something in what I am doing that strikes a chord in your heart and will bring peace and lasting fruit to your homelife then by all means take my ideas.

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