Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Poetry List

This is not all the poetry the children have memorized over the years, just all that we did as a group. Since I have been doing this for at least 15 years, some of the children have only reviewed these poems and not actually learned them. Andrew hardly remembers any of them but at least he hears them frequently. I am at the stage in life where I need to go back and redo with the younger children what I already did with the older ones but I am hesitating because it is too much fun to learn new things. Almost all of our read-alouds these days are books I have already read-aloud but just can't bear for the younger children to miss. Thankfully, as you know, a good book can be reread many times without boring the reader. I also am thinking of revising my review schedule. Instead of reviewing a poem or verse one time, I am thinking of reviewing it 3 days in a row before moving on. This will slow us up considerably but we might have better results.

Warning: If you choose to memorize a long poem like Paul Revere's Ride, your mind will never forget it and if ever, in passing, you say a line from that poem your brain will immediately insist on reciting the whole poem back to you. You will not be able to turn the poem off, especially if you are just getting ready to go to bed.

Beware of Quoting Poetry

Poetry for Review


1. Mercy Shakespeare
2. Hamlet's Soliloquy Shakespeare
3. History Poem
4. Nobility Alice Cary
5. Solitude Ella Wheeler
6. Marc Antony's Speech Shakespeare
7. Awaken Tribble
8. The Fool's Prayer Edward Sill
9. Sonnet On His Blindness Milton
10. Four Things Von Dyke
11. To A Mouse Burns
12. The Road Not Taken Frost
13. The Pasture Frost
14. The Village Blacksmith Longfellow
15. Paul Revere's Ride Longfellow
16. Requiem RL Stevenson
17. Bed in Summer RLS
18. Autumn Fires RLS
19. The Statue of Liberty Lazurus
20. The Boy We Want ( Book of Virtues Pg. 196.)
21. The Creation Cecil F. Alexander
22. Obedience To Parents Watts
23. The Sluggard Watts
24. Against Mischief Watts
25. Love Between Brothers and Sisters Watts
26. Windy Nights RLS
27. Who Has Seen the Wind Christina Rossetti
28. White Sheep Rossetti
29. The Gift Rossetti
30. Keep a' Goin' Stanton
31. Be Strong Babcock
32. Trees Kilmer
33. How Did You Die? Cooke
34. Opportunity Sills
35. Casey At The Bat Thayer
36. Pussywillow Brown
37. Sail on Miller
38. If Kipling
39. Over The River Childs
40. Weathers Hardy
41. The Lamb Blake
42. Little Things Carey
43. The Charge of the Light Brigade Tenn
44. The Arrow and The Song Tenn.
45. Crossing The Bar Tenn.
46. The First Thanksgiving
47. Pretty Good Osgood
48. Mist and All Willson
49. Mr. Meant-to (Book of Virtues)
50. November Coatsworth
51. Out in The Fields Browning
52. Lullaby of an Infant Chief Scott
53. My Daily Creed
54. Courtesy for Church
55. In Flander's Field
56. Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening Frost
57. Whole duty of Children RLS
58. Weather the Weather anonymous
59. The Modern Baby
60. The Destruction of Sennacharib by Byron
61. A Little Brother Follows Me
62. Breathes by Sir Walter Scott
63. King Alfred’s War Song
64. Recessional by Kipling
65. All The World’s a Stage Shakespeare
66. Ozymandias Shelley
67. To Be a Pilgrim Bunyan
68. St Crispin’s Day Speech by Henry V William Shakespeare
69. I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General by Gilbert & Sullivan
70. Horatius at the Bridge Macaulay
71. The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats
72. Where the Boats Go by RL Stevenson
73. The Lake Isle of Innisfree WBY
74 Two music passages from The Merchant of Venice :
"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank..."
and "The man that hath no music in himself...."
75. From Love's Labour's Lost "When Icicles Hang..."
76. From Cymbeline "Fear no more..."
77. Sea Fever by John Masefield
78. Sonnet #29 "When in disgrace..."


Lynn said...

Thank-you for taking the time to share! We love to memorize poetry, and I am down to homeschooling only my 4 boys now that my 3 girls have left home. There are a lot of differences, having all boys, and also being a more experienced (more realistic) mom! You have been such a help and blessing to me.

Twin Goddess said...

I am really enjoying your blog. I been wanting to start adding scripture, and new things into my kids schooling and life. and this blog gives me an idea where to start. Love the poetry, and the hymns and your morning time routines. This is so helpful for us newbies out there. Thanks for sharing!!!!