“The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children." G K Chesterton

31 Days to Morning Time

Day 1~Morning Time: A Liturgy of Love
Day 2~What is Morning Time and Why Bother?
Day 3~ What to Do
Day 4~Morning Meeting 
(Bonus Q&A #1) 
Day 5~Why Liturgy? 
Day 6~ Morning Time: Structure and Freedom
(Bonus Q&A #2) 
Day 7~Music in Morning Time 
Day 8~Top Songs, Hymns and Spiritual Songs for MT
Day 9~Prayer and Bible Time
Day 10~ Favorite Bible Memory Work
Day 11~Poetry?
Day 12~How to Enjoy Reading Poetry
Day 13~Favorite Poems to Memorize
Day 14~Other Memory Work
Day 15~ Beyond Poetry
Day 16~Scheduling Morning Time
Day 17~ Morning Time in the Early Years
Day 18~ Ambleside Categories
Day 19~Ambleside Categories: Artist and Composer
Day 20~Reading Shakespeare in MT: Why?
Day 21~Reading Shakespeare in MT: How?
Day 22~Memorizing Shakespeare
Day 23~ Sample Day #1
Day 24~Plutarch: Why?
Day 25~Plutarch Links
Day 26~Grammar in MT
Day 27~Reading Aloud Misc.
Day 28~Nature Notebooks
Day 29~Organizing Morning Time
Day 30~Favorite Family Read-Alouds
Day 31~Never Long Ago

A Liturgy of Love

Morning Time? 

Longtime readers know that this is the name of the liturgy of love our family fell into 25 years ago. 

The unique thing, I think, is that we just kept plodding along all of these years until one day I realized, because the children started telling me, that Morning Time was where most of the learning took place during their childhood of homeschooling.

Just this morning, as I talked over Skype to my oldest son in Japan he told me how he planned to start videotaping his own Morning Time for his 4 little boys to use while he was deployed and then he began to recite "If you can keep your head..." and when he faltered I joined in with the missing words and when I paused my youngest yelled to us from another room with the missing words and we ended together, "You'll be a man, my son,"  and there they were my son, the man, planning his own liturgy of love, and my son, the little boy, giving joy and purpose to our continuing liturgy.

For the next 31 days I hope to carefully spell out how you can create this lasting liturgy in your home. I will be adding those links to the top of this post as we go. I hope this series will be fresh-with illustrations from my family, past and present, and even a bit of hope for the future.

Timothy with Tim, Blake and Peter
You can also purchase my talk on Morning Time: The Long Haul at the Circe Institute Store.

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  1. Cindy,
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    You bless me!
    Denise in Orlando (Classed friend!) :)

  2. Cindy - This has been such a huge help to me! Would you mind terribly if I printed the whole thing out? I'd love to have it in my planning binder.