“The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children." G K Chesterton

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesdays With Words: Week 35

I picked this up free on Kindle a few years ago after hearing Ravi Zachaias mention Frank Boreham. I read a bit then but recently I refound it.  Good stuff and free for Kindle. The book looks at the life Texts of various people some fictional. Can you guess whose is "I am the resurrection and the life..."  These quotes come from the life of Ebenezer Erskine, someone of whom I had never heard. 

 "He felt, too, that the Positive must precede the Negative. The person of the most High must come before the precepts of the Most High; the Thou Shalts must come before the Thou Shalt Nots."

"In the typical novel the villain is a man who does what he ought not to do; in the
tales that Jesus told the villain is a man who leaves undone what he ought to have done."

"Between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, we invariably frame a variety of good resolutions; we register a number of excellent resolves. But, for the most part, they come to nothing; and they come to nothing because they are so largely negative. 'I will never again do such-and-such a thing'; 'I will never again behave in such-and-such a way'"

"The soul cannot flourish on a principle of subtraction; it can only prosper on a principle of addition." 

These quotes are right up my alley these days as I continue to move forward in making tiny, positive changes in my life.  



  1. Interesting what he said about the shalt & shalt nots - I shall comes naturally when we love.

  2. It's 12.30am here and I sat up with one of my girls watching Downton Abbey so I'm early to link for a change. The principle of subtraction isn't going to work regarding my nights sleep either.

  3. I am most embarrassed...I accidentally hit the enter key before putting in my new link AGAIN. So sorry. I seem to be a bit of a klutz.
    Having attended an Associate Reformed Presbyterian church during my teenage years, I knew the name of Ebenezer Erskine well as part of our history. I never actually read anything he wrote, though, or even any biographies. I especially love your first quote.

  4. This is weird, I had never heard of Frank Boreham until last week and then I open your post and your quoting from him. It must be a sign!!

  5. I've taken the plunge into Beauty in the Word this week, but essays by E.B. White have captured my imagination this past week. That guy is a great writer. I will try to post some quotes soon. I'm smiling the whole time I'm reading his stuff.

  6. "The soul cannot flourish on a principle of subtraction;
    it can only prosper on a principle of addition."

    Love this. I am taking this one away with me today - my thought for the day. Thanks.

  7. "The soul cannot flourish on a principle of subtraction; it can only prosper on a principle of addition."

    I think this is my new quote of the year! Thanks for sharing it. You know, I put up my post yesterday morning but never linked it. Sigh. It's been a long week but it's Friday and the weather is finally warmish and the birds are singing and I remembered to link it this morning so all is good. :)