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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Of the Reading of Books....

I have been reading through the end-of-the-year-reading posts at Semicolon.

What interesting selections people make.

My TBR list is growing. So depressing really.

Here are a few books I hope to read in the next month or so:

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder By Richard Louv

My daughter-in-law heard I wanted this and bought it for me for my birthday.  I have wanted to read this for a while and am looking forward to quoting it on Wednesdays With Words.

Howards End Is on the Landing: A Year of Reading from Home by Susan Hill

The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, a Small Town, and the Secret of a Good Life by Rod Dreher

Buried in Books: A Reader's Anthology
by Julie Rugg

Holy Is the Day: Living in the Gift of the Present
By Carolyn Weber

Echoes of Eden: Reflections on Christianity, Literature, and the Arts by Jerram Barrs
 (Via Sage Parnassus)

Island of The World by Michael D. O'Brien

Well, this is awkward.... This has made my list for 3 years now and I still haven't read it. This year I have done something proactive. I bought it for Kindle. This is the perfect Kindle read since it is so heavy to hold as a real book.


Splendor in the Ordinary: Your Home as a Holy Place by Thomas Howard


Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung
(Via Mystie) Already on the Kindle and ready to go.


An Experiment in Criticism (eBook Original) by C.S. Lewis. I have been waiting to read this for years but it was too expensive until the ebook came out.

Sarum: The Novel of England by Edward Rutherfurd. Just got this from Audible. I am so hoping I love it because I love the idea of it.  I read about this on a blog post which I cannot find. If anyone knows of a post about it I would love the link.

Finally, I am going to try to join Mystie for the Desiring the Kingdom bookclub. You Come Too.



  1. Please make time to read Island of the World. You will not be disappointed, Worth every minute of time it takes to read it.
    And will you please stop posting lists of books?? I, like Susan Hill, would like to read the many books on my shelves which I've never gotten to, but YOU keep encouraging me to add to my list and buy MORE books... which I do very happily, I might add. :)

  2. Two of my favorites on your list. I read Island of the World a couple of years ago, and time stood still. I accomplished nothing while I read it because all I did was read. Fantastic.

    And you already know I love Holy is the Day. I enjoyed Ruthie Leming last year, too.

    I have had Splendor in the Ordinary on my shelves for several years. Thomas Howard is Elisabeth Eliot's brother. I really should get at that. I'll be interested to see how Echoes in Eden goes - it's on my radar, if not on my shelves ;)

  3. I am in the middle of "Holy is the Day" and really liking it. So far, I think I liked her first book better but this one is more appropriate for my life right now, if that makes sense. A lot of people were disappointed by "Howards End is on the Landing" but I liked it. It's a book about books and about her life with books. I always find that kind of book interesting.

    I loved Sarum. I have an enormous paperback that my mother found for me at a library book sale. London by the same author is also a great read for those of us who love the city, especially.

    I've been wanting to read Howard's book, "Splendor in the Ordinary" and also "Island of the World" for some time now. I have several library books and an enormous TBR pile so it will be a while before I can add anything new to my bedside pile. Ack, I really, really, really want to read "Desiring the Kingdom" if it is anything remotely like Jenny Rallens talk on liturgy. I've listened to that talk several times now and love it! I'll have to go see what kind of gift money I have left on Amazon.....

    I love to see what you're reading, Cindy. I should really make a list and commit myself. Then perhaps I'll actually read some of the ones I want to read due to outside expectations. ;)

    1. I LOVE Howard's End so far. Her chapter on poetry was so bizarre for me. I love Hardy's poems and felt I could have written the whole chapter. Not that I could have but it was bizarrely familiar.

  4. I loved Splendor in the Ordinary! Adding a few more to my tbr list, too, now. I saw Dawn's review of Holy is the Day, and it got on my radar, but I should get it to my list. :) I've read and enjoyed Rutherfurd, though he gets formulaic after the second or third book. :)

    1. How did I not ever hear of Rutherfurd before? Odd.

  5. I think Russka was my first Rutherfurd book. I enjoyed Sarum and also New Forest and London. But he does use a similar style in all those of his I've read. Much like Michener's place-centered historical fiction I think, though I haven't read his books.

    I have several of the same books currently on my Amazon wishlist. And I'm very excited to see that Mystie is planning a Desiring the Kingdom book club.

  6. Great books. I loved Island of the World. Just ordered the Thomas Howard book. I read his book on TS Eliot's The Four Quartets. Have read most of those books so have fun!